-"For women, by women"

The Siren Manipulation handbook AKA The Dark Rose Sequence is an extremely detailed guide on how to become the bad B you are deep down. We offer detailed examples on what to do to improve your life in under 14 days and how to tap into your dark feminine energy. 

This guide was made for all you girls looking for a clear concise structure on how to tap into your bad side, how to manipulate guys into getting what you want, and how to glow up in a short time span. 

If you’re looking for the holy grail for bad b*tches that even Cardi B would approve you buying, this is it…


"My co-worker actually sent me a long paragraph about how much he likes me!!! That dark rose sequence is not to be messed with, I'm glad it worked out"

Selena Josephs, CA

"Bought this just because the dark rose sequence intrigued me. It has not disappointed me. I used it on my ex FWB and now we're officially dating!"

Anna Hendrix, NYC

"The 15 step glow up method is the best advice I've ever received. Glad to have got this for only $7. Absolute bargain to change my life around and it doesn't require therapy costs!"

Megan Kells, Prague