-"For women, by women"

This mini guide will transform you into a seductress in all situations. Learn how to use siren eyes to ensnare a man, or doe eyes to get your way. Be coached through specific body language secrets and accessories that convey the femme fatale archetype. Use these practical trips to enhance your aesthetic and full embody a femme fatale through your voice and gaze.

Over 18 chapters

  • Learn every body language known to man
  • Learn how to do the Siren gaze to seduce and attract ANY man and get him obsessed
  • Learn how to do the doe eyes to gain sympathy from anyone and get away with ANYTHING


It's difficult being a modern woman; you compete to thrive, but behave and help others too; forgetting what's important.


Alot of what has been taught about being a 'woman' has simply led to many feeling 'lost.'

Which is why our goal is to help spread the knowledge that was contained and compressed into thin air; the true power of a woman.

What is it?


We studied the science of femininity, success and spirituality and have come up with guides to help you level up.

The Siren Manipulation