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The Quantum Tunnelling handbook is an extremely detailed 5,000 word guide on how to manifest the desired reality you want to live in. We offer detailed strategies used by ancient occultists for over 1,000 years. These secret manifestation magick techniques are used to this day by celebrities, elites and powerful people. We've skipped out on all the BS that many New Age manifestation gurus tell you. These manifestation tutorials are the ONLY thing you need to start manifesting the life you want. These Esoteric teachings have been passed down by Occult bloodlines for over 1,000 years, and is EXTREMELY powerful.

  • Learn the EXACT sex magick that elites use to this day to manifest their true desire with precise accuracy.
  • Learn how to create an insanely POWERFUL sigil that you can draw upon at any time to manifest anything you want.
  • Learn the All Seeing Eye method which lets you fast forward your manifestations and live the exact life you want INSTANTLY.

Shadow Work Prompts for your journal

Once you have purchased the Shadow Work Journal, it's time to start journaling! But what do you write? Well luckily for you, we here at Sirenmanipulation.com have got you covered! Below are a list of prompts you can use for your journal. 

Simply use the questions below to answer inside the journal and look back on each answer you write with a logical and analytical approach. 

Prompts for your journal

  • What was expected of me as a child, and was I completely accepted?
  • What behaviors and emotions of mine were judged by my parents?
  • What parts of myself do I judge and where did I learn this judgement from?
  • What was the kind thing I needed to hear but didn’t? And how would hearing that have changed the ways I judge myself?
  • If the darker part of me were to speak its truth right now, what would it say?
  • What experiences lead me to dissociate and escape from reality?
  • If I am honest, what negative traits from my parents might I embody?
  • What would my life look like if I integrated my shadow?
  • Even though I complain, I secretly like feeling ______________ (something negative) because it also makes me feel ______________ (something positive).
  • When I set goals that I convince myself I want to achieve, beneath it all, I feel _______________ (something negative).
  • Now that I think about it, succeeding in life is not so __________ (something positive). In fact, you could even say it’s _____________(something negative).
  • I secretly enjoy allowing certain people to get under my skin because _________________.
  • If I’m honest, I have the same negative traits as my father. For example: ________________.
  • If I’m honest, I have the same negative traits as my mother. For example: ________________.
  • When I am taken advantage of, I feel used. Yet, the good thing about being used is ____________.
  • The one negative thing I can’t stop saying to myself is ________________. And, honestly, I’m hanging onto to this negativity because _____________.
  • Positive people make me feel so _______________ (something negative). What does this say about me? It says ___________________.
  • If a darker part of me were to speak it’s truth right now, it would say ______________.

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